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Companion Volume

After completion of the various editions, the Companion Volume, edited by Dr. Mordechai Glatzer, was published. It contains articles dealing with the importance of the Aleppo Codex and the relationship between the Jerusalem Crown and the Codex, by Dr. Yosef Ofer, as well as a description of the production of the book by publisher Nahum Ben-Zvi. The articles are all published in Hebrew and in English translation.


Sponsor's Personal Note Thomas J. Karger 1

The Bible and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Menahem Ben-Sasson 3

The Making of a Book: Producing the Jerusalem Crown Nahum Ben-Zvi 9

The History and Authority of the Aleppo Codex Yosef Ofer 25

Tiberias and the Masoretes; The History of the Aleppo Codex up to the Present; Its Uniqueness; Ben Asher, the Masorete; The Codex and Maimonides; Its Study and the Reconstructing of its Missing Portions; Masorah and Halakhah; Selected Bibliography.

The Jerusalem Crown and Its Editorial Principles Yosef Ofer 51

The Book of Books From Scroll to Codex and into Print Mordechai Glatzer 61

Scroll: Gvil, Klaf, and Dukhsustos; Betweenthe Firstand Tenth Centuries;
Preparinga Text for Printand Sefer Haatakah; Heavenly Labor (Melekhet Shamayim); Excursuses; Bibliography.

Epilogue Mordechai Glatzer 103

Glossary 107

List of Illustrations 117


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